• New paper live on the Data Economy Lab:
    Gaining Real-World Validation of the Digital Fiduciary Model
    A brief overview of the challenges, rationale, and the steps being taken to define how a company can explore the digital fiduciary model, as part of the effort to build a virtual trust layer on the Web.


  • Began pivoting towards developing a B2B "virtual trust layer"


MARCH 2021

  • No digital fiduciaries exist to date. Why?

  • Deeper Edge LLC was launched to serve as a “proof of concept” company, exploring various assumptions about viability, supply, and demand.

  • Initial model was a B2C platform to provide Web-derived services and apps directly to consumers. LEVIT and Personal AI were two examples.

  • B2C model encountered considerable challenges for small startup with limited funding, uncertain demand.

  • Also began exploring potential B2B model, with service offerings including “Trust as a Service,” others.